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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions refer to and regulate the transfer service booked through the Top Airport Transfers web site
Users may only be persons over the age of 18 who hold valid personal documents (passport or ID card) and a valid credit card. Persons under 18 can use our services with adult escort.

I. Reservation

(1). A request to use the service may be made online at least 24 hours prior to the start of the transfer. The request is deemed to be confirmed when the client pays the full reservation price in advance and receives a reservation voucher to the email specified in the application. If the customer fails to pay this deposit, the request is considered unverified and can be canceled at any time.
(2) When booking a transfer, it is assumed that you have accepted, on behalf of all participants, these Terms and Conditions, which constitute the entire agreement between you and Top Airport Transfers, and your reservation will be accepted by us on this basis. The following terms apply to all services.
(3). Upon completion of the transfer reservation request, the user declares that the data specified in the request is correct, that the credit card they use is their personal and that they have sufficient funds to cover the transfer price.

(4). Reservation is possible if it is made online at or email by filling in the form we will send you and paying the corresponding price for your transfer. In both cases an invoice is issued and sent 24 hours prior to the start of the transfer. We will send you a voucher within 48 hours after your reservation, which is the confirmation of the transfer you ordered. All special requirements and medical issues must be communicated by the customer at the time of booking. Upon receipt of the full payment amount, a set of documents will be sent or delivered directly to you upon arrival, containing vouchers and other relevant information if necessary (travel notes, route notes, etc.). Please make sure all details are correct and immediately contact us if you notice any incorrect or missing information.

II. Reservation change

(1). A change of a previously accepted request is only possible if it has been made not less than 24 hours before the start of the transfer and has been confirmed by us at the contact email specified by the customer. The following administrative charges apply when the user changes the request: first and second time are free of charge, third and subsequent change - € 20 for each.

(2). Changes in published prices prior to your confirmation of reservation are not treated as an irregularity on our part. While we do our best to keep prices up to date on our website, adverse changes in exchange rates, shipping costs and taxes may affect the final price.

(3) If the customer wishes to make changes to the booking, it is necessary to inform us not less than 24 hours before the start of the transfer. While we will endeavor to satisfy these changes, we do not guarantee that we will be able to respond to such requests. Reservations for transfers with incorrect start dates due to customers' fault may not be processed at all times if the error is noted less than 5 days before the start date of the transfer.

III. Cancellation

(1). All cancellations must be made by writing to our corporate email: not less than 48 hours before the start of the transfer. The cancellation that is given orally to a company employee (eg driver, operator, etc.) or in writing to other email addresses will not be considered valid.

(2) If the transfer service provided by Top Airport Transfers is missed by a customer due to illness, flight cancellation, etc., this is considered to be " no notification " and the amount paid for the transfer will not be refunded. The same rule applies if the customer decides to leave before the end of the transfer.

(3). We are not responsible in cases of force majeure described as events that we or our subcontractors can not predict or avoid as: terrorist activity, strike, war or threat of war, rebellion, civil conflict, natural or nuclear disasters, unfavorable climatic conditions, fire, etc.

IV. Submitting and processing complaints

(1). If our customers have problems during their trip that can not be resolved by a representative of Top Airport Transfers, they must notify us in writing by email sent to Please make sure you have written all the details of the case so that we can take appropriate measures to resolve this issue as soon as possible. All complaints sent to our email after the end of the trip will be considered, but we apologize in advance that at this later stage we can not change the situation that would have made your holiday more pleasant

V. Meeting and transferring the customer

(1). The driver welcomes the customer at the place and time indicated in the booking voucher. If a representative of Top Airport Transfers can not be found at the meeting place, the customer is obliged to call immediately the phones listed in the reservation voucher. If such a telephone call is not registered at an office at Top Airport Transfers, the request is deemed to have been canceled due to customer NOT-APPEARING. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation and owes a payment to the full amount of the transfer.

(2). The driver is obliged to be at the meeting place at the exact time agreed and wait for the customer 1 hour after the flight's landing. If the customer is late more than 1 hour after landing, for reasons beyond their control (such as delayed baggage, a problem with their documents) and did not promptly notify a Top Airport Transfers representative, then we do not owe the customer compensation for non-performance of the transfer.

(3). If the customer is arrested for any reason by law enforcement (border police, customs authorities or airport guards), in this case the customer is not entitled to compensation.

(4) The driver is obliged to be at the place (hotel, private home or other pre-arranged place) at the exact time agreed and wait 15 minutes for the customer. If the customer does not appear at the agreed place and is delayed for more than 15 minutes without having notified the Top Airport Transfers representative in due time, then we do not owe a compensation for non-performance of the transfer.

(5) When requesting a transfer, the customer is required to comply with the information posted on the website  The information published on the website is only indicative and for the convenience of the customer, we are not responsible and do not owe any compensation for losses suffered by the customer (eg. missed flight, train, bus) if they have not provided enough time to complete the transfer and all associated procedures.

(6) We are not responsible for any loss suffered by the customer (eg. missed flight, train, bus, etc.) caused by a delay on their part.

(7) The customer is required to provide information for the flight / train / bus with which they arrive. We are not responsible for and do not owe compensation for unfulfilled service - transfer if the customer does not provide this information in time.

(8). In the event that a customer's flight is canceled, delayed or redirected to another airport, we should be informed in due time of the new time and place of arrival. If the notification is made too late, the customer should make a new request. We can only make the transfer to the new point of arrival if there is a possibility available to us and if the customer agrees in writing to pay all additional costs.

(9). We will make every effort to meet the customer at the place and time specified in the reservation voucher but we are not responsible and do not owe compensation for any loss suffered by the customer (eg. missed flight, bus, train) if due to reasons beyond our control, accidental events (such as road accidents, closed roads due to civil protests, landslides, poor weather conditions, etc.) we do not execute the transfer in time.

(10) We reserve the right not to provide the transfer service if the behavior of the customer and / or that of the accompanying person is not safe and affects the security of third parties.Top Airport Transfers is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by the customer and their accompanying persons as a result of the non-delivery of the service of transfer in this case.

(11) Smoking, eating, drug and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited in the vehicle.

(12) If the customer and / or their accompanying persons are in a visibly intoxicated state and show aggression against the driver or third parties, then the driver may refuse to make the transfer. In such a situation, Top Airport Transfers does not owe the customer compensation for a non-performing transfer service.

(13) In the event of damage to the vehicle during the transfer, we undertake to remedy the damage as quickly as possible or to replace it with another but we do not owe compensation for damages suffered by the customer (eg. missed flight, bus, train, etc.) due to a delay in executing the transfer.

VI. Lack or damage to the vehicle interior

(1). In case of lacks and damages on the interior and exterior of the vehicle caused by the customer during the use of the transfer service, the car is sent for inspection to an authorized service center. We notify the customer (on their email specified in the reservation) of the cost of the damage and an invoice for the amount of the repair of the vehicle is issued. The customer undertakes to pay the invoice value on the day of receipt if the transfer service has not yet been fully executed or within one week if the execution has already been completed. We reserve the right to terminate th service without notice and at the expense of the customer if the ssame does not pay the full cost of the damages and lacks caused by them to the vehicle.

VII. Customer's obligations and responsibilities. The Customer is obligated:

(1). To keep clean and do not damage the vehicle they travel in.

(2). To notify us when registering their transfer request if they intend to travel with extra baggage – ski equipment, golf clubs, surfs, boards, bicycles, baby carriages, pets and more with a view to providing a suitable vehicle. We reserve the right to cancel a request if the number of passengers and their luggage can not be accommodated under normal conditions in the reserved vehicle model. In this case, the customer is not entitled to claim compensation unless they have requested a prior written confirmation from us that the booked vehicle is suitable for the number of passengers and their luggage.

(3) In the case of the transport of domestic animals, if they are not in a special animal transport cage, the driver may refuse to carry the transfer and Top Airport Transfers owes no compensation to the customer.

(4). In case of problems with the provided transfer service, the customer is obliged to notify us immediately on the phones listed in the reservation voucher. We will do our best to solve the problem in the best possible way. If the customer fails to promptly inform us when a problem arises and does not provide a functioning phone for contacting them, this will affect our capabilities  to resolve the problem later and we are not responsible for this.

(5). Under Bulgarian law, children under 1 year of age, weighing less than 13 kg, have to travel in a rear-facing child seat (BABY SEAT). Children over the age of 1 and weighing over 8 kg should use a child seat (CHILD SEAT), and children with a height of less than 1.50 m and over 17 kg should wear safety belts with a special lift seat (BOOSTER SEAT).

(6). We offer standard CHILD SEATS and BOOSTER SEATS, but we recommend that the customers use their own to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of traveling children. We are not responsible for the quality and proper functioning of the child seats. For hygienic and security reasons, we do not offer baby seats for babies (BABY SEAT).

(7) The customer is required to indicate in the online booking the number and type of child seats necessary for their trip. We are not responsible for delays in the implementation of the transfer in case the customer has not complied with this condition.

(8). We or our officers (directors, employees), agents (affiliated companies and partners) are not responsible: for any penalty, special, indirect or consequential loss or damage, for any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of contract, loss or damage to the customers or their reputation, loss of claim; for any inaccuracy related to the web site (including prices); for services rendered or products offered; for any damages, losses, or costs incurred by the customer for which they have been held liable or have paid, arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our services or for any (personal) trauma, death, property damage or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or costs incurred or for which the customer is liable or has paid, whether due to (lawful) actions, mistakes, unfulfilled obligations, (general) non-performance, intentional crime, omissions, defaults, misconduct, infringement or failure to perform the direct or indirect obligations of the hotel (its employees, directors, agents or affiliates); including any (partial) cancellation, reservation duplication, strike, force majeure, or any other event beyond the control of the company (war, threat of war, terrorist activity and its consequences or threats to such activity, unrest, government or other national or local authorities activities, industrial accidents, strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, road accidents, etc.).

VIII. Final provisions

(1). These General Terms and Conditions are published on the website and may be modified at any time, and the changes are posted online and available to the customer.

(2) For the transfer applicable to the service, the General Terms and Conditions, which were in effect at the time the customer made the reservation, are accepted.

(3). These General Terms and Conditions together with the issued reservation voucher represent the full agreement between Top Airport Transfers or its partners and the customer. By tagging "I agree with the General Terms & Conditions” in the online reservation form, the client confirms that they have read, understood their content, agreed with them and officially accepted them.

(4) The original Bulgarian version of these General Terms and Conditions has been translated into other languages. The translation version is only office translation that has no legal value. In the event of a dispute over the content, application or interpretation of the General Terms and Conditions or inconsistencies and differences between the Bulgarian and the translated versions of each foreign language, the Bulgarian text that is decisive should be applied.

(7). The correspondence between Top Airport Transfers and the customer is performed as follows:
- for Top Airport Transfers - by e-mail with email address:
- for the Customer - by the contact e-mail, provided by them in the reservation.

(8). An e-mail message is deemed to have been received on the day the e-mail was received in a Top Airport Transfers mailbox or on the first work day if the message was received on a weekend or public holiday.

(9) Top Airport Transfers may transfer, in full or in part, rights and obligations if necessary.

(10). All disputes between parties relating to these General Terms and Conditions should be resolved in a spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding, and if this proves impossible, the dispute will be settled by the Court of Arbitration at BCCI. The applicable legislation for resolving disputes is the Bulgarian Legislation.

These General Terms and Conditions are effective from 01.05.2018.

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